Chapter III - Policy and Legal Framework

and mitigation plans. At the same time, there should be regular information exchange by the PMU with the proposed Social and Environmental cell at each PIU, and the Directorate of Environment.

  • Presently, the CPCB and SPCB have focus on control and abatement of industrial pollution, and not on agricultural activities;
  • There is a need for training on social and environmental issues to market committees, traders and functionaries of various line departments;
  • The current R&R policy (state and national) does not recognize the encroachers (if affected) as a project affected person and are not eligible for any R&R entitlement
  • There are no clear guidelines on inclusion of women, tribals and other marginalized groups in the decision making process in agriculture market committees            

The identified gaps in the policy/ legal framework will be addressed under MACP by various strategies and action plans that have been developed as part of Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), and details of which are provided in the chapter on ESMF. The specific strategies and actions plans developed as a part of the ESMF include the following: 

  • Pest, soil and nutrient management strategy
  • Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) Entitlement
  • Gender Development Strategy
  • Tribal Development Strategy
  • Training and Outreach Strategy