Chapter IV – Environmental and Social Impacts

4.1   Introduction
  There are a number of environmental and social impacts that might result from the proposed project interventions and at the same time there are issues that could be anticipated through the implantation of the proposed project interventions. This chapter summarizes these identified and anticipated impacts based on the review of secondary literature, examining proposed interventions and resultant impacts, interaction with key stakeholders and observations during the field visit. The chapter begins with an analysis of different project stakeholders, their roles and responsibilities; profile of the primary stakeholders (farmers and fisherpersons) interviewed during the field study and then provides component wise impacts on the environmental and social aspects. This forms the basis for the issues and related mitigation measures which are discussed in the subsequent chapter.

4.2       Stakeholder Analysis

MACP is a multi-stakeholders project. For the success of the project, it is important to understand the stakes and interests of each of the key stakeholders of the project. At the same time, it is crucial to assess any potential conflicts among the different stakeholders for project benefits. This would help in defining their roles and responsibilities.

4.2.1    Identification of roles and responsibilities
The IESA entailed discussions with all relevant stakeholders at different levels for each project component. The analysis of different stakeholders, their roles, responsibilities and relationships with the project in planning and implementing project interventions is summarized in the Table below. This, however, does not include the macro level stakeholders like the World Bank, the MSAMB and the Nodal officers.


Roles & responsibility


1. Primary producers

Main beneficiaries of the project

  • as owners & managers of the common market infrastructure

  • participate in the project activities

  • take management responsibilities in running the businesses

Synergistic with the project – while the primary producers stand to gain the maximum from the project,