Chapter IV – Environmental and Social Impacts

4. Community based organizations (Farmer groups, cluster groups, producer company, etc.)

Play their role in produce aggregation, storage and preliminary processing and thus could provide bargaining power to the primary producer through collective action.

Synergistic with the project , as the key project component would be implemented through them, the success of many of the interventions critically dependent on the strength of these groups.

5. Local line department officials

Provide guidance and information at ground level, play the role of administrator and key contact point at ground level for accessing various government schemes and funds

Play a critical role to ensure smooth implementation of project interventions. Coordination between the nodal agency and participating line departments at ground level critical for project success.

The stakeholder analysis identified two critical challenges for the project:
To ensure equity of participation and benefits to vulnerable groups

  1. To incorporate the interests of the supply chain players into the project design so that they become part of / support the project created institution rather than viewing this as a rival

 In order to address these challenges, the IESA report includes tribal development strategy, gender development strategy which could be adopted to ensure participation of and sharing of benefits with the marginalised groups. However, the main solution to meet these challenges lies with in the community groups themselves. The example of the farmer groups in Narayangaon (site for the floriculture AgriMart) is a case in point. While initiating the group activity of aggregating, packing and supplying flowers to the Mumbai market, they have ensured to use the same local trader and transporters services as a group. This also provides incentive to the supply chain player as the loss of margin is compensated by lower risk exposure, greater volume of business and assured business. This kind of model can be replicated across project locations.

4.3  Component wise stakeholders’