Chapter IV – Environmental and Social Impacts

transparency in the process of auction of perishables i.e. fruits and vegetables; value addition through grading and packing translating to better price realization by farmer; reduction in non value adding cost like manual auctioning process (which will be replaced by electronic auctioning in select APMCs); better acceptance for farmers’ produce in market place and help setting up demonstration units.
During the first stage, the facilities proposed to be provided in this component are -

  • Electronic auction hall: This would cover trading operations for fruits and vegetables with display hall, trader’s shops, weighing scales, ripening chambers, crates, furniture, etc. 

  • Modernization of perishable product trading section: This would cover the fruits and vegetables washing, cleaning, grading and packing units with pack-house.

  • Modernization of food grain trading section: This would include food grains cleaning grading packing units. Two APMCs (at Amravati and Baramati) have already shown the success of food grain cleaning and grading units, a larger acceptance of such facilities is envisaged through this project.

Only two APMCs i.e. Mumbai and Nagpur are selected as pilots for the investment electronic auction system with in the selected APMCs for the MACP project. The grading and packing centers for perishable product are proposed for other 18 centers (of which three in the pilot year). The last component, that of food grain grading and packing unit would be implemented in all selected APMCs under MACP. The APMCs are selected base on the production areas for the crops, linkages with up country and distant markets, land availability with in existing APMC premises, operations of traders from distant markets and high arrivals.
4.5.1    Discussion on environmental issues

  1. Construction: The actual blue print plan for the construction activities are yet to be finalized. The study team assessed the impacts based on the common plan that was provided as a part of the ToR for the study. As all APMCs