Chapter IV – Environmental and Social Impacts

  1. visited had well organized premises with approach road, and existing water and electricity connections – hence no new installations need to be made. Thus the environmental concern from construction is minimized. However specific plans for controlling air and water pollution during the construction process (the report includes issues and proposed mitigation measures during construction process in the next chapter) and minimizing impact to the community living in the vicinity of the construction sites needs to be put in place.

Feasible measures to improve the physical environment include the following

  • Use eco-friendly materials like fly ash brick, hollow cement blocks, etc. for construction.

  • Provide for roof rain water harvesting while constructing new buildings.

  • Specific measures to reduce water consumption, like toilet pan with greater slope, should be used

  • Proper disposal of waste water – connecting to existing drainage systems, use of septic tanks, soak pits etc.

  1. Waste management and disposal: A large amount of solid and liquid waste is generated in the current APMC operations – e.g. Nagpur APMC reported solid wastes in excess of 1 MT per day. Current practice for solid waste management is to engage a contractor to collect the waste materials on a daily basis and dump it in identified dumping yard of the municipality. It is estimated that with the new modernized operations like cleaning, grading and sorting; as well as pack houses for both perishable products and food grains, the solid waste generation is likely to increase in the range of 10-20% of current levels. Similarly liquid waste generated is likely to increase with increased water usage for the cleaning activity. Fortunately most of the waste generated would be completely bio-degradable and excellent input for composting. It is advisable that the infrastructure development proposal should include vermin composting facilities with in or in the vicinity of the APMC. This can also enable the APMC to provide low