Chapter IV – Environmental and Social Impacts

  1. cost good quality organic manure to farmers which can contribute towards lowering the usage of chemical fertilizer.

Suitable measures to improve the physical environment include the following

  • Provide for vermi-composting units for better utilization of the bio degradable solid waste

  • Provide specific pits for solid waste dumping in the market yard, ensure separation of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable waste at source

  1. Drainage system: The current APMC premises have good drainage facilities geared to meet the rain water drainage. With the new constructions a well coordinated drainage facilities should be created in sync with the existing system. The water drained from APMC is connected with the main drainage system of the municipality. The municipality does treat its sewage through existing water treatment plant, and also ensures that the waste water does not get mixed with drinking water sources with in the municipality. With the new facilities, the water usage may increase (the drainage system may need to be upgraded to cope with it) and provisioning of preliminary filtration equipment before the water is drained out to municipality sewage maybe required.

Activities to be included to address environmental issues are:

  • Upgrade the existing drainage system in market yards for higher water usage during cleaning, grading, and packing processes to be installed in this intervention.

  • Install preliminary filtration to separate solid waste and water before draining the water to municipality sewage and use the solid waste for composting purpose

  1. Agricultural bio-diversity: Discussion with primary stakeholder reveals that the agricultural bio-diversity is unlikely to change in any significant manner due the APMC facility up gradation – as farmers’ decision for growing a particular crop is based on a number of factors. In fact better handling and marketing facilities at APMCs for both food grains as well as perishable products (like fruits and vegetable) would facilitate mixed and diversified cropping practices by farmers. None the less it