Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

  • that water sprays are used when construction site is close to habitation and schools; provide safety masks to workers at site, enclose the area with screens
  • As far as possible choose alignments for approach road that does not cut across natural habitats, wetlands and that it results in adverse impact on livelihood of the local etc
  • Encourage contractors to provide LPG at construction camps
  • Dispose of waste water and sewage from construction camps in hygienic manner
Threat to natural resources (flora, fauna, water bodies) at the construction sites Identified sites have a number of trees (especially the livestock market yards) and adjacent to water bodies (Aqua Marts).
  • Tree felling at site
  • Lopping for firewood
  • Poaching of small mammals by construction workers
  • Oil/fuel spillage and pollution of water bodies
  • Design facility to minimize tree felling
  • Plant trees in the ratio of 1:5 (one felled; five planted) to enhance environmental gains
  • Use native fruit trees with large canopies
  • Provide LPG facility to construction workers
  • Monitor closely for poaching incidences
  • Develop plan for containing oil spills
  • Undertake site visit and prepare assessment report for each area along with detailed construction plan
Possibilities for enhancing environmental performance of project
Use of environmentally friendly construction material The project presents opportunities to enhance the environmental performance by incorporating in the design elements that support the  sustainable development approach Number of environmentally friendly construction material can be used and both materials and measures can be demonstrated to the community for adoption in their own works
  • Use of eco-friendly materials during construction. For example - ash brick, hollow cement blocks, etc need to be promoted.
  • For shade use large canopy trees in place of tin sheets
Roof rainwater harvesting structure Many of the interventions are being taken up in water scarce Vidharva and Marathwada region. Water conservation measures are not currently planned in any structures being proposed. Demand for water