Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

is high for the operations and processing activities in each component. It is important to create water conservation mechanism in the structures. It can also act as demonstration model for the community.
  • Create roof rainwater harvesting structure in each building constructed by the project. A rough sketch of a common model with underground sump is provided in Appendix I.
  • Rainwater harvesting could also be done on sheds, open fields etc by diverting and storing water in tanks or recharge wells.
Table 1c: Component I: Promotion of AgriMart
Waste disposal and management of solid waste At full operation AgriMarts are expected to generate wastes of about 0.5 to 0.7 tons per day. No systematic plan on waste management done in intervention planning.
Most AgriMart sites are close to agriculture lands.
  • Dumping of waste can damage land and create pollution
  • Rotting organic waste could be health hazard


  • MSAMB to prepare guidelines on waste segregation and disposal
  • Provide training to workers at agrimarts for separating  bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes at source MSAMB in collaboration with MEDA to explore possibilities and pilot biomass based gasifier for electricity generation
  • Provide enough space for vermin-composting using bio-degradable mandi waste Involving local SHGs to take this as a micro enterprise will provide additional revenues and gainful employment.
Sewage treatment and liquid waste AgriMart operations is likely to use large quantity of water for cleaning and processing purpose, the drainage system allows the water to run off to nearby fields and/or water bodies
  • Sewage flow from AgriMarts located adjacent to agricultural fields can cause problems.
  • Sewage/outflow could also pollute nearby water bodies and wetlands
  • Install systems for primary treatment of water and wherever possible, ensure treated wastewater is recycled for other useful purposes including irrigation
  • Do not allow outflow to fall in natural wetlands
Agriculture bio diversity in the area The primary agri mart crop