Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

is usually a cash crop. The farmers cultivate it in part of their land and rest of the land is used for staple food production. Farmers reported that their cropping pattern would not change with AgriMart intervention.
  • Better price realization can influence farmers to shift from staple food to more cash crops – this can have a impact on household level food security
  • Land utilization and cropping pattern in the agrimart area is to be monitored closely.
  • MSAMB to survey and document use of any traditional varieties and land races of main crops and/or other crops to preserve genetic diversity
Use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides Current usage levels of fertilizer and pesticides are high (figures to be provided based on analysis).
  • Increased marketing opportunity is likely to influence farmer to intensify production – this can lead to even higher increase in the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides
  • Increased use of pesticides/ fertilizers could lead to issues related to storage, handling, applying and disposal
  • Chances of pesticides and fertilizers entering in food chain posing a health risk
  • Training and awareness programs and demonstrations on IPM/INM to be built in to the training plan for the project
  • MSAMB to develop a sustainable agriculture strategy, including  elements of crop planning, balanced use of nutrients and use of organic fertilizers; minimizing the use of chemicals, improvement of extension services, etc.
  • Train farmers on IPM and discourage use of chemical pesticides; provide relevant training in storing, handling, applying and disposing fertilizers and pesticides
  • Test soil and crops for presence of residual pesticides
Impact on ground water usage and recharging Ground water is the main source of irrigation for most of the farmers in AgriMart area. Most locations reported depletion of ground water and lowering of water tables in the last few years
  • Increased production and better markets could enhance extraction of groundwater
  • Possibility of pollution