Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

  • of groundwater sources due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Encourage farmers to opt for special measures like drip irrigation systems, crop management practices to reduce the groundwater usage.
  • Encourage shifting from water intensive crops like sugarcane and cotton to horticultural crops with better marketing facility
  • Do not allow polluted waters to reach recharge points and aquifer
Table 1d: Component II – Modernizing functioning and operations of APMCs
Handling extra packing material Currently the APMCs use mostly gunny bags and in some cases cardboard cartons – both are bio-degradable. But with the improved infrastructure for grains as well as fresh fruits and vegetable section, it is likely that new packing material of different grades, including PVC cartons will be used.
  • Issues related to disposal of packing material, especially non-bio degradable.
  • Current system of waste management does not have any separation of organic and inorganic wastes.
  • Follow guidelines on waste disposal – both for organic and inorganic waste.
  • Institutionalize separation of bio-degradable and non-bio degradable wastes at source.
  • For the APMCs in larger cities like Mumbai and Nagpur, appoint waste handling agencies who collect the waste for a fee and take it to designated waste management facilities.
  • In market yards close to farmlands, use bio-degradable waste for vermin-composting
  • Allocate area for construction of vermin-compost pits
  • Involving local SHGs to composting as a micro enterprise will provide additional revenues and gainful employment.
Other solid waste – fresh food and grain section With increased handling capacity and facilities like grading and sorting, the bio-degradable waste generated is likely to double from current levels of 1 to 2 MTs in different APMCs.
  • Dumping of bio degradable wastes in non-designated area could pollute land and water resources
  • Carelessly thrown solid waste create unhygienic conditions in market yards.
Drainage and waste water management Drainage facilities in the APMCs release the drain water to the municipal sewage