Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

  • because of such dumping.
  • Nets and hooks could be a potential threat for ground nesting birds and other small mammals as well as humans
  • Use of plastic bags and wrapping papers in the markets (most would be carried away by customers)
  • Create facilities for input providers like net and fishing gears at the aqua mart.
  • Local craftsmen who do repair work should be facilitated to set up stall in the vicinity.
  • Aqua Mart vendors should be encouraged to dump their non-degradable waste material in the designated area – from where the repair men can take out the useful material and the rest can be disposed safely.
  • Dump plastic non-degradable waste material in the designated area and regularly dispose safely or recycle
Fish processing waste ( solid stream) Fish processing (de-gilling and de-gutting of fish) and activities create a large amount of organic waste including: intestine, gills, scales, fins and bones.
  • Usually there are lots of flies and insects attracted to this and it creates a health hazard.
  • Bad odor and stench is a problem for workers and visitors alike
  • Solid waste need to be separated and processed depends on its grade, used for making fertilizer and fish meal as an ingredient for formulated feed for animals.
Water supply, drainage and hygiene Current practice of disposing untreated wastewater from fish markets creates health hazard for the community living adjacent to fish markets. Presently, the opportunity to treat and recycle wastewater remains untapped.
  • Prioblem of stench from untreated wastewater
  • Stagnated untreated water could be breeding grounds for flies, mosquitoes and other small organisms
  • Chances of mixing of untreated wastewater with other sources of water leading to contamination
  • Create systematic drainage facilities for generated wastewater
  • In a large aquamart, develop primary wastewater treatment facility.
  • After treatment, recycle the water for cleaning purposes and other potential use.
Use of chemical feed and medicines Current practices at