Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

the aqua mart sites visited shows that there is no usage of additional feeding or medicines.
  • Excess or overuse of chemical feed and medicines in tanks could lead to land and water pollution as the same tanks are also used for irrigation purpose in summer months.
  • Potential future usage of chemicals needs to be regulated
  • Fishing rights provided to fishermen groups need to have clear guideline on usage of any additional chemical component.
Maintenance of biodiversity in water bodies In large water bodies, stocking is not done on a regular basis. The fishermen were not aware of management plan for the water body.
  • Imbalance in mix of species, decline in numbers of carps, increase in fast growing species like tilapia
  • Management plan to be developed – to include stocking, feeding and harvesting – to be implemented

Part II - Anticipated social Impacts and mitigation measures

Issues Observation and possible scenario Potential future impact Mitigation measure suggested
Tab 2a: Preparatory Phase
LA might result in displacement (physical and/or economic) of local people The team visited identified sites for the intervention in the four components. The observation on the land ownership, current status and usage is part of the main chapter on preliminary findings. No displacement of any person or communities is anticipated in the land acquisition process, and there was no encroachment in the sites identified for pilot. Current sites do not involve possibility of any displacement. There is no LA for the modernization of APMCs or livestock market yard, where existing structures will be improved. Develop guidelines for site identification for all future AgriMart or Aqua Mart which should include
  1. Clear ownership title (copy of ownership title should be provided to project steering committee).
  2. Site to be free of encroachment
  3. Prepare mitigation plan, if any adverse impact, for each of the potential affected family as suggested in the ESMF.
  4. Provide