Chapter VII – ESMF Implementation Arrangements

waste management.  This was done during the debriefing with the project team.  The project needs to develop a baseline (pre -project status) for each indicator.  These indicators need to be monitored internally on a periodic basis and reviewed by the ESC.
Moreover the project plan should have the provision for a mid-term evaluation by a third party in collaboration with the project directorate. This would provide an opportunity for the project to get a third party validation of the progress, and take corrective measures mid way through the project.
The Learning from monitoring and evaluation of indicators should be built into project implementation processes for improving project performance. The environmental and social cell needs to facilitate this. A participatory monitoring system should be developed for the project, and this should be facilitated by the environmental and social cell of the Project Directorate in collaboration with the community.

7.3       Concluding remarks 

MACP aims to benefit farmers and primary producers by providing them new platform and channels for marketing their agri-produce. There is also greater benefit to the consumer as the quality of the final product is likely to improve through better processing, cleaning, grading and sorting and better packaging. There would be an overall improvement in the supply chain through creation of new infrastructure and better facilities at ground level. Most supply chain players stand to benefit through integrating their activities with the project implementation and working with the farmer groups rather than countering it. It is important for the project to address any misconception in the minds of few supply chain players (as revealed in discussions during the study) through a well organized awareness creation program. The project would create positive social impact and would function well with in the current legal and regulatory environment if the guidelines provided in the social and environmental management framework suggested as part of the