Community Procurement

  1. Bidding: This method and value threshold is applicable only for Rural Haats. In Local Bidding, open tendering procedures should be limited to local advertising using local newspaper and posting notices at strategic places. Essentially this is like NCB except it is not mandatory to advertise in a newspaper of national circulation and bidding documents are simpler. Target suppliers and contractors are often those within the vicinity of the beneficiary community. The request for bids spells out the works details, the criteria for selection, and the deadline for submission of bids. Bids are opened in a public ceremony. The bids are normally evaluated by the Procurement committee. Bids are examined to determine whether they meet the minimum specifications mentioned in the bidding documents (experience, quality of works, equipment, services offered, and delivery dates). Bids that meet the minimum requirements specified in the bid invitation are retained for further evaluation and among the qualified bids, the lowest cost is selected. Accordingly, for Rural Haats the DPRs and the bidding documents will be prepared by the Service Provider to be engaged by PIU (MSAMB). After approval of the DPR & bidding document, the Rural Haat community procurement committee will float bids and take decision on the bid evaluation report, which will be prepared with the help of the concerned service provider. In case, the bid price of the lowest evaluated responsive bidder exceeds 5% of the updated estimated/ DPR cost, the Rural Haat community procurement committee will obtain written concurrence of the PIU, before award of contract.
    The procurement procedures, based on World Bank guidance note for management of procurement responsibilities in community driven development projects (Version: December 2009), that may be followed by APMC, RH, FCSCs, Demonstration Units under AHD and PGs under SR Development program are:


Expenditure Category

Value in (threshold**) per contract

Procurement Method

Contracts Subject to Prior Review /