Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

  • project, the project will hire SPs 2 to support the project in mobilization of farmers into PAs. There could be one or more SP per district depending on the scale of mobilization and capacity of the SP.
  • The SP 3 will be responsible for the generating of the following outputs:
  1. Producer Group (PGS) formed.
  2. Producer Association (PAs) formed and registered;
  3. No. of FCSCs planned and successfully launched;
  4. FCSC capacity optimally 4 utilized;
  5. FCSCs (Grain) linked to MSWC network; and
  6. Community Professionals(CPs) trained and providing services to PA & FCSC.
 Formation, composition and registration of PAs:
  • The PAs could be a federation of Producer Groups (PGs) or an aggregation of individuals from a cluster.
  • The producers forming such a PA will belong to a village or a group of villages within a radius of 3-5 kms.
  • PAs formed by aggregation of individual producers will have the management represented by producers whereas PAs formed by PGs will have management represented by the chairperson from the PGs. 
  • The PAs will have a staffing structure consisting of CPs, who will maintain the accounting and reporting systems, and will be responsible for maintaining the records.
  • The PA may be registered under the Societies Registration Act as a trust and they will have separate bye laws and will have governance system based on the rules and regulation of the said Act.
 Activities to be supported (Indicative):
  1. FCSC (Grains)
  • Improvement of temporary storage and drying
  • 1.0 MT per hr grain cleaning, grading, and packing machinery with shed
  • Additional need based Agricultural Equipments
  1. FCSC (F&V)
  • Small common pack house for fruits and vegetables, of 300 sq.ft with asbestos cement sheet roof, flooring, ventilation, toilet
  • Plastic crates (20 kg capacity) 1000 crates @ Rs. 200/- per crate
  • Grading  and packing tables for fruits and vegetables
  • Need based Agricultural Equipments
 Condition for Initiating a FCSC Proposal
The SP