Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

hired by the PIU-MSAMB will study the production of agricultural commodities i.e. food grains and fruit and vegetables within the district.  
  • On the basis of the potential of each district, the SP will mobilize the farmers into Producer Group (PGs), which will be federated into Producer Association (PAs) for foodgrains/fruit and vegetables.   
  • The SP can also consider the existing and functioning farmers group as PGs for the purpose of federation into PAs.
  • The PAs could be formed in two ways
  • the existing farmer group or the newly mobilized group come together and   federate into a PA.
  • Individual farmers come tougher and aggregate to from a PA.
  • In either case the farmer willing to federate /aggregate themselves into PAs should:
  • belong to a certain category i.e. the farmers should be food grain producer for FCSC (grains) or fruit and vegetable producer for FCSC (F&V).
  • participate in the functioning of the FCSC.
  • participate in the regular meetings of the PGs/PAs.
  • agree to contribute their share in the setting up of FCSC.
  • The PAs are registered as a legal entity and open their bank account.
  • The PAs will procure a minimum of 0.25 acre land either by purchase, lease or by way of gift deed.
  • The SP will hold consultation with the member of PA and will prepare a business plan (BP) of the FCSC.
  • The BP of the FCSC will be submitted to the zonal office of the Agri. Business Promotion Facility (ABPF).
 Management and Ownership of FCSC
  • The FCSCs are owned and managed by the Producer Association (PA).
  • The governance structure of the FCSC has representatives of PGs/farmer members of PA.
  • The FCSC has its own byelaws for smooth functioning.
  • The FCSC will recruit a manger who could be a local to mange the affairs of FCSC.
  • FCSC will have regular review of PGs, PAs and FCSCs functioning.
  • A conflict resolution