Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

  • as agreed with the World Bank.
  • The selected SP will prepare the proposal of FCSC.
  • The role of SP 5 will include
  • Social mobilization and PG formation.
  • Group nurturing and capacity building.
  • Formation of PAs and establishment of FCSCs.
  • Oversight and diminishing operational and management support of PAs.
 Contents  of Business Plan.
  • Design Layouts
  • Cost estimates
  • Bill of quantities
  • Bid document
  • Feasibility Report
 Preparation and processing of Business Plan.
  • The SP will conduct a market study of the selected FCSC prior to preparation of Business Plan.(BP)
  • The SP will prepare the Business Plan in consultation with the farmers and member of PA.
  • The Business Plan so prepared will be submitted  to the PA.
  • The PA will review the Business Plan and if satisfied, will pass a resolution for forwarding the BP to the regional office of ABPF.
  • The BP will be appraised by the regional office of ABPF and convey its approval to the PA.
  • The bidding process will commence as per the procedure of community  procurement.
 Steps for Local Bidding and award of contract:
  • Procurement in FCSC will be as per community procurement procedure of World Bank.
  • The FCSC can undertake the execution of activities either by force account/shopping.
  • In case of shopping the FCSC will seek quotation from at least 3 agencies for the works and goods to be undertaken according to the BP.
  • In case of Force Account the FCSC will purchase the construction material under the guidance of Market Field Engineer (MFE) and will get the work done by engaging skilled and semi-skilled labours.
  • The received quotations will be opened in the presence of contractors /bidders/suppliers.
  • The bids/quotations will be evaluated and finalized by the procurement committee consisting of Chairperson/President of the FCSC, three members of the elected management committee, ARCS of the concerned taluka and manager of the FCSC.
  • PA will issue the work