Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

  • order for the works /goods to the agency which is selected.
 Execution of work:
  • Within 15 days of awarding and signing of the contract, the contractor will start execution of work at the selected FCSC.
  • The execution of work will be as per the terms and conditions agreed in the contract.
 Supervision during execution of work:
  • The MFE will ensure that the implementation of work is being done as per design, approved plan and schedule.
 Payment process for works completed:
  • As per the terms of the contract and stipulated payment schedule, the Contractor, and manager of FCSC will prepare measurements of works completed. Based on the measurement taken,  the Contractor will prepare the bills of quantity.
  • The measurements as per the generated bills of quantity will be entered into the measurement book (issued by the PIU- MSAMB) by the contractor and it will be signed by the contractor and manager of FCSC.
  • The FCSC will make payment to the contractor initially from funds out of their own  contribution and later from the advance received from the DDRCS.
  • Subsequent to the utilization of their own funds, the FCSC will seek an advance from the  Project grants. The DDRCS will forward the request to the treasury for the release of payment by cheque to the  FCSC concerned.
  • Further release of funds from the Treasury will be made on the basis of request by the DDRCS based upon the Utilization Certificates (regarding the earlier tranches) received at his office duly signed by the Chairperson and Manager of FCSC.
  •  The accountant in the office of the DDR will take the entries of the release of funds and the utilization of the same.
  •  For the purpose of review of execution of works, a third party asset verification and community procurement consultant will be hired.
  • Such an agency will be hired by the PIU-MSAMB by