Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

  • adopting competitive bidding process as agreed with the World Bank.
  •  The aforementioned steps will be followed till the final payment is realized to the beneficiary institution. The completion certificate of work will be signed by Chairperson and SP.
 Completion of work:
  • The SP will prepare a completion report outlining the completion of work as per the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • This completion report will be sent to the PIU- MSAMB with a copy to PCU and DDR and FCSC.
  • Similarly, the DDR will send a report describing payments and listing the records maintained by DDR to PIU- MSAMB with copy to PCU and FCSC.
 Business Process Standards:
Key Business
Accountable Unit Agreed Standards Deviation Remedies
  • Hiring of SP
PIU-MSAMB As soon as project is sanctioned for Phase-I districts and at the end of 18 months for Phase-II districts and at the end of 36 months for Phase III districts.  
  • Mobilisation of farmers into PGs
SP  within 3 months from appointing SP  
  • Formation of PAs
SP within 1 year from appointing SP  
  • Registration of PAs
  • Opening bank accounts of PAs
Finalization of BP SP 1 month after formation of PA  
Approval of BP Zonal Office of ABPF 15 days from receipt of BP  
Preparation of Bill of Quantities and bid documents PA with the help of MFE 15 days from approval of BP  
Hiring of third party asset verification and community procurement consultant PIU MSAMB As soon as advertisement for bids is given.  
Evaluation of Bids Proc. Comm. of FCSC 7 days from bids are received  
Award of Contract FCSC 7 days from finalizing of bids  
Initiation of work by contractor FCSC 7 days from receipt of work order  
Supervision of work – major deviations MFE
Generating the package for payment
  • Measurement