I. (ii) Project Development Objectives

vii) Expand  market  opportunities  for the farmers,  diversifying  marketing  channels.  It would establish  and  strengthen  the  backward  and  forward  linkages  for  the  farmers  through Growers Associations and with the help of private partnership.

viii) Encourage private investment in the markets and agri-business in the state.

3. Various components and sub components in MACP and their component-level objective can be enumerated as follows:

Component A: Intensification and Diversification of Market led Production

(i)  A1: Market-led Agriculture Technology Transfer ( Objective: To increase the productivity of agriculture production by adopting modern technology.)

(ii) A2: Agri Business Promotion Facility ( Objective: To create trained manpower to operate and manage the infrastructure facilities.)

(iii)A3: Market Information Services ( Objective: To improve market access for enhancing the marketing opportunities for farmers.)

(iv)A4: Livestock Support Services ( Objective: To strengthen sources of alternative income to farmers.)

Component B: Improving Farmer Access to Markets

(i)         B1: Promoting Alternative Markets

  •      B1.1:  Product  Aggregation  and  Sale  through  Producers  Association  ( Objective:  To provide improved post harvest handling facilities at village level.)
  •      B1.2: Warehouse Receipts Development ( Objective: To improve the capacity of farmers on price risk mitigation.)
  •      B1.3: Rural Haat Markets ( Objective: To strengthen alternative  marketing channel of traditional rural haats.)
  •      B1.4: Introducing e-Marketing Platform ( Objective: To establish e-trading as one of the alternative marketing channels.)

(ii)        B2: Modernizing Existing Markets

  •     B2.1:  Modernizing  Wholesale  Markets  ( Objective:  To  improve  transparency  in  all APMCs and to provide basic and productive infrastructure.)
  •     B2.1: Upgrading Livestock Yards ( Objective: To improve transparency in all Livestock Markets and to provide modern infrastructure.)

3. The various interventions are designed in MACP components and sub-components to achieve the PDO. The Project Outcome Indicators are enumerated below: (i) The share of wholesale and retail price received by the