Introducing E-marketing Platforms

It is proposed to establish e-marketing facility at 294 locations in the State. The farmer will therefore have an additional option of selling his produce at these e-trading facility centers.
Selection Criteria:

  • All the 294 APMC market areas will be considered for setting up e-trading facility.
  • The e- trader will be required to seek license for the same from the Director of Marketing GOM.
  • Preferably there will be one e-trader in each APMC market area with a restriction of maximum five in any one market area.

 Financing of activities:

  • For  the purpose of the feasibility study to be undertaken by the consultant an amount of Rs. 50.00 lakhs is provided under MACP as project grant.
  • For designing, developing and pilot testing two alternative platforms an amount of Rs. 88.00 lakhs has been provided in the project as grant.
  • An amount of Rs. 44.00 lakhs has been provided for the necessary hardware, software and network items for e-trading platforms.
  • An amount of Rs. 294.00 lakhs (@Rs. 1.00 lakhs each for 294. locations) has been provided for software and hardware required at 294 locations.
  • For the maintenance support of MSAMB platform, an amount of Rs. 84.00 Lakhs has been provided under MACP as project grant.

 Engagement and role of Consultant:

  • The consultant will be selected through competitive bidding process by the PIU-MSAMB.
  • The award of contract will be given by PIU-MSAMB.
  • The selected consultant will undertake a study to examine the options, policy implementation and alternative technological solutions for setting up e-trading platform.
  • Subsequent to the study, the consultant will design, develop and pilot test two alternative virtual market platforms.

 Implementation Process:

  • The consultant 10 selected by PIU-MSAMB will undertake the feasibility study and complete it within 6 months.
  • The designing, development and pilot testing of two alternative e-trading platforms will be undertaken by the consultant within 12 months after