Introducing E-marketing Platforms

  • the feasibility study is over.
  • After successful pilot testing of e-trading platforms, the program will roll out.
  • PIU-MSAMB will give advertisement in the newspaper seeking application from private players to set up e-trading platforms.
  • The e-traders willing to set up e-trading platform will seek the license of e-trading from the Director of Marketing.
  •    The e-traders who have been provided with the necessary license will communicate to the APMC concerned about their intentions of setting up e-trading platform and will seek land/shed from the APMC on lease to set up the facility. The private player will also seek hardware & software for the same.
  • The APMC concerned will communicate to the DDR of the concerned district the supply of hardware and software required for setting up the facility.
  • The DDR of the concerned district will procure the hardware and software required at each location centrally by a procurement procedure agreed with the World Bank (either by DGS&D rate contract or by shopping).
  • The requisite hardware and software will be supplied to the respective APMC within whose jurisdiction the e-trading facility is being set up.
  • The hardware and software will in turn be handed over to the e-trader.
  • The e-trader will register/enroll the traders, sellers as well as producers to avail the trading facility (Virtual Mandi).
  • The e-trader will have to bear the maintenance of the facility. The market fee collected will be shared with APMC (75%) and e-trading operator (25%).
  • The e-trading facility will reduce the transportation cost as the produce will directly be transferred from producer to the buyers, thus avoiding post harvest losses during transport at mandis. The producers consequently will have alternative marketing channels which will enable the producer to sell his/her produce at better terms.
  • The MSAMB will charge nominal membership charges for the provision of e-trading services to the e-traders.
  • After the project is over, the e-trader