: To foster the development of more competitive marketing systems.

v.   Increased Market Access : Increased market access for farmers through enhanced knowledge and more effective producers’ organizations.

vi. Encourage Private Investment : To encourage private investment in agricultural and allied sectors and agribusiness.

vii. Opportunities for Employment and Livelihood : Improving opportunities for employment and livelihood support both in on farm and in the non farm rural economy.

viii. Realization of Value Addition Opportunities: The project would enable farmers to respond positively to the changes in emerging markets with the support of improved product quality and standards and realization of value addition opportunities.

ix. Linking Farmers to Markets : Assist the State Government to address the critical issues of linking farmers more effectively to the markets.

x.   High Value Agriculture and Higher Quality of Produce : To improve competitiveness of the farmers to capture increased income generating potential associated with a shift in the demand towards high value agriculture and higher quality of produce to meet greater urban demand.

xi. Agricultural Development through an Integrated Approach : In general, the project aims of giving boost to agricultural development in Maharashtra through an integrated approach, by taking up various initiatives/ activities involving training and capacity building, market information and market intelligence, creation of infrastructure for value addition, develop new marketing systems and  improving competitiveness of the farmers. 

Comparison of MACP with other Government Programs and Schemes:

i.    Integrated Approach : MACP has an integrated approach which addresses issues relating to all the major sectors of Agriculture including Crop Husbandry, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Marketing.

ii.   Need Based Approach : Unlike any Government scheme of any department, which covers only one aspect without any interrelation with the other aspect of that department or other departments, MACP is based on need based approach considering  the present status and the