problems connected to Agriculture and allied activities and based on these identified needs, the components of this project have been evolved.

iii. Community Participation : MACP project activities will be implemented with the participation of the community and there is going to be adequate amount of flexibility in the ingredients of various activities under different subcomponents of the project, unlike any government scheme. The Accounting Centers will have the primary responsibility of keeping record of all the transactions relating to this project.

iv. Complete Transparency : MACP project components and subcomponents and all the other related issues regarding project management, procurement plan,  procurement procedures, budgets, rights and responsibilities of different personnel and institutions involved in this project will be made known to the  public on website of MSAMB and other line departments, well in advance. There would be complete transparency in all the matters relating to MACP.

v.   Community Operations Manual (COM) : For the purpose of making project activities known to the community, the Community Operation Manual (COM) has been  published in local language (Marathi) and the copies of the same have been made available to the public at large covering all the stakeholders of all the project activities, besides publishing the same on MSAMB website. The English version of this manual has also been prepared and has been published on website of MSAMB.

vi. Constant Monitoring : The MACP project implementation will be constantly monitored from the highest level of the state government to the lowest level of implementation.

vii. Evaluation by an Expert Agency : Project evaluation will be carried out every year by an expert agency at the end of every year and finally at the end of the project period. The results of this evaluation will also be published on the website of MSAMB.

viii. Measurable Parameters of the Impact : This will enable the authorities