marketing through commodity exchanges.

iv.  Each activity proposed under the project is linked to the other so that the larger benefit is arrived at because of integration.

Consideration for designing the project

Following approaches are adopted while suggesting the programs under the project.

i.    All the facets of agriculture sector are included in the Project. Study regarding marketing development, fisheries marketing development and agriculture insurance has also been included in the project.

ii.   Based on the past experience, the activities which have been successfully implemented, but for the limited budget with the State, could not be expanded, are proposed to be expanded.

iii. Locations of the proposed activities to be taken up under the project have been identified based on predefined selection criteria . The locations of activities under some subcomponents are finalised for the whole project period. While in some other cases locations of the activities to be taken up in first year or initial two years have been identified.

iv.  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the programmes proposed under MACP was carried out and these issues have been addressed while designing the project.

Key features of MACP

  • Timeline: The Maharashtra Agriculture Competitiveness Project (MACP) is a six year project, to begin by October 2010.
  • Main Project Components – an overview :

- The important components of MACP include (i) preparation of district-wise market driven, production and marketing strategies, agri business ventures, capacity building for proper market access, spreading the ambit of Agricultural Marketing and propagate market led extension (ii) market intelligence (iii) expanding need based market infrastructure; the needs having been identified correctly, based on understanding of ground realities through a district-wise grass root level survey conducted in this regard.

- It will facilitate improving the competitiveness of farmers through alternative supply chain management / marketing system to get better returns for their produce