MACP – the details of the Components & their Subcomponents:

MACP – the details of the Components & their Subcomponents:

The project envisages following important Components and Sub components.


A. 1   Market led Agricultural Technology Transfer

Institutional Strengthening for Market led Extension:
a. The deficiencies in the working of ATMAs have highlighted the need for strengthening ATMAs in terms of manpower, physical facilities & financial support and promoting inter-departmental coordination at the state, district, taluka and village levels.

b. The activities to be supported under this sub-component include:

i.    Strengthening of Agriculture Technology Management Agencies (ATMAs)

ii.   Strengthening of Farm Information and Advisory Centers (FIACs)

ii.   Strengthening of Inter-departmental Working Group (IDWG) and Inter-departmental Coordination.

Preparation & Implementation of Marketing Strategies:
i.       The SREPs for all the districts have recently been prepared and satisfactorily cover the production aspects of field crops, vegetables, fruits, ornamentals, livestock and fisheries.

ii. The Marketing Strategy Supplement (MSS) to the SREP will be prepared for each district focusing on what needs to be done to improve market led production, marketing related demonstrations and training of line department staff and farmers, and linkages with the investments proposed for improving marketing infrastructure and market access under component B of the project.

iii. Each ATMA district would focus on market-led extension and prepare MSS, under the guidance of experts in marketing extension and agribusiness based in the VANAMATI at Nagpur (trained & oriented in the concepts & procedures of preparing MSS and market-led extension at the MANAGE).

iv.   The SREP & MSS documents will act as a template for setting a direction towards market-led extension and agricultural productivity enhancing activities in the district.

A.2  Agri Business Promotion Facility (ABPF): 

a. The activities to be supported under this sub-component include: The overall role of the ABPF is to create a body of knowledge, a network of producer/market linkages and an ongoing flow