MACP – the details of the Components & their Subcomponents:

of useful information which will accelerate the economic development of Maharashtra’s agricultural sector.

b. There are quite a few subcomponents under Component B of MACP, wherein various infrastructural activities are proposed. The manpower involved in operations and management of these infrastructures includes non officials, executives and other personnel. They will have to be provided with technical management skills for this purpose.

c. The ABPF will have the main role to train these personnel, organize workshops for them etc. Besides this the following will be the other objectives of ABPF:

i.    To conduct Policy Analysis aimed at enabling Environment for Agri Business

ii.   Conducting of various Studies, Value Chain Assessment and studies pertaining to Dairy and Fisheries department.

iii.  Facilitation of Banking Sector Support for Agri-Business especially SMEs.

iv.  Catalyzing Enterprise, Groups and Clusters to upgrade in every way for the major interventions in the project with emphasis on capacity building measures and on agri-business interventions.

v.   ABPF consultancy for over all coordination and implementation of the program

A.3  Market Information Services :            

Major objective of this subcomponent is the effective usage of various modes of information technology for compilation and dissemination of Agricultural Information for the benefit of producers. The details are:

a. Enhance MSAMB web site as a portal for providing information such as Market Information and Intelligence, Project information, technical and market information from various line departments. The web site will be the hub for e-trading, so that virtual market could become a reality.

b. To set up web based Geographical Information System (GIS) for providing realistic spatial information like distance between two markets, their production area, major infrastructure available at APMCs, market arrivals and prices of agricultural commodities.

c.  The dissemination of price information, weather forecast, market news and technical guidance through local language SMS on mobile of farmers. This information would help farmers to decide when, where