MACP – the details of the Components & their Subcomponents:

Project Steering Committee

9.   Six-monthly reporting to the World Bank on the Project status.

  • These six-monthly reports would include, inter alia:

a.   Up-to-date physical and financial expenditure data compared to annual and end-project targets.

b.   Updated indicators of project performance compared to annual and end-project targets.

c.   Successes and problems encountered during the reporting period with suggested remedial actions.

d.   Socio-economic and environmental impacts of the project.

e. An M&E specialist at VANAMANTI will oversee M&E activities pertaining to Market Led Extension.

f.    A full-time senior M&E specialist will be recruited in the PCU and will be responsible for overseeing all activities related to M&E. 

g.   In addition, a Management Information Systems (MIS) specialist will be recruited to oversee operation of the PMIS.

C. 5  Governance and Accountability Arrangements (GAA) :

  • The Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (MACP) is built upon the basic principle of Participatory Agricultural Management, which envisages that, the project is to be primarily driven by the implementing agency / community at all levels.
  • The implementing agency / community shall have oversight over the project during the entire phase which includes planning, implementation and consolidation.
  • In the post consolidation phase the project shall be self sustainable and therefore the activities therein would be replicable.
  • To translate this principle into reality, the project has provided for, that the implementing agency shall decide on the entire planning of the project viz.

1.   The identification of activities to be undertaken.

2.   Infrastructure that need to be erected and the same will be approved by the GB of the APMC / Gram Panchayat etc.

3.   Similarly the implementing agency will decide the identification of work components, sub-components through PRA methodology.

4.   The livelihood interventions and selection of beneficiaries / groups for the same.

5.   Execution of civil works by an external agency which are commensurate to their capacities.

6.   For the execution of all