MACP – the details of the Components & their Subcomponents:

these activities, the PCU shall provide all necessary assistance to the PIU during the entire project.

  • The accountability issues are covered in MACP as follows:       

i. The responsibilities and liabilities of each Person / Institution involved in implementation of MACP have been defined and everyone has to work within the limits specified.

ii. The various systems of internal checks have been introduced and will be observed during the implementation of the project so that no one will misuse the funds of the project to his gain or do anything for the personal favour or personal self interest.

  • The safeguards proposed are:

- Since there will be dual implementation mechanism in shape of the PIU and the farmers organization / implementing agencies, it is imperative that the project design ensures that there are adequate safeguards and controls built in, to provide control and monitoring of the project components to both the implementing partners.

1.  Accordingly the project has provided for, that in all the tenders which will be finalized by the PIU, there shall be the President of the concerned beneficiary institution agency (APMC/Rural Haat/FCSC) or the representative of the beneficiary institution as a member of the Tender Committee, who shall be present during the tender opening and finalization. 

2.  However, absence of the representative from the tender meetings will not be a reason for postponement of decision making.

3.  Similarly, before any payments are made to the contractors, it will be mandatory for the DDR to obtain a recommendation from Chairman of APMC to the effect that the work has been executed as per the design and estimate.

  • Measures proposed in MACP to bring governance and accountability:

The following systems will be adopted to bring in full transparency and proper governance and accountability while implementing the project.

i. Publishing the details of project on Website. This would include PIP,  Budget, Procurement procedures,