Modernizing Rural Haats

Modernization of Rural Haats will include modernization and improvements of selected Rural Haats. Under MACP, 300 Rural Haats from all the districts will be modernised. Villages having population of around 7500 and more would be selected, excluding the district headquarters and places having Municipal Councils.
Activities to be supported (indicative)
MACP will primarily support following activities under this component.

a) Basic infrastructure

-  Platforms with sheds for producers
-  Pathways for buyers
-  Drinking water facility
- Electricity
-  Toilet block
-  Compound / Fencing
-  Garbage / solid waste pit
-  Watchman cabin

b) Productive infrastructure

-   Godown (500 MT capacity)
-   Small Cold Storage (5 MT)
-   Grading and packing unit (Pack house) for fruits and vegetables (1000 sq.ft)
-   Grading and packing tables
-   Grain pulses unit with shed
A total of 300 Rural Haat will be selected for creating basic infrastructure facility in Phase I. Out of these 300 RH, 10% RHs (i.e. 30 RHs) will be selected for creating productive infrastructure facilities in Phase II.
Financing of activities

  • For financing of the indicative activities listed above, a Full Project Proposal (FPP) for each Rural Haat will be required. MACP will be providing 90% financial assistance for implementing the activities approved in the FPP. Remaining 10% contribution will be borne by the concerned beneficiary institution i.e. village panchayat.
  • For preparation of FPP a Service Provider (SP) will be engaged by MACP.
  • Each of the selected Rural Haat will be eligible to prepare and submit FPP costing upto a maximum of Rs. 20 lakhs for basic infrastructure activity of work for Phase I.
 Engagement and role of SP:
  • The SP will be selected through a competitive bidding process by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), MSAMB as procurement process agreed with the World Bank.
  • The selected SP will prepare the FPP with detailed estimated cost for financing