Modernizing Rural Haats

  • from MACP.
  • Some of the main functions of the SP in addition to preparation of FPP will be preparation and submission of bid evaluation report, preparation of contract document and construction supervision 6.
 Contents of FPP 7:
  • Design layouts
  • Cost Estimates
  • Bills of quantities
  • Bid document
  • Feasibility Report
 Preparation and processing of FPP:
  • The SP will conduct a market study of the selected Rural Haat prior to preparation of the FPP.
  • The SP will prepare the FPP in consultation with the farmers, traders, consumers and Village Panchayat functionaries (stakeholders input regarding identification of investments to be made in the market is most critical).
  • The prepared FPP will be submitted  to the Rural Haat Management Committee (RHMC) of  Village Panchayat
  • The RHMC will review the proposal and if satisfied, will pass a resolution for approval of the same.
  • Once the FPP is approved, then the bidding process will commence. The Procurement will be done as per the community Procurement procedure in accordance with the World Bank guidelines.
 Steps for NCB or Local Bidding and award of contract:
  • The Village Panchayat may undertake the works by force account/shopping or by local bidding under community procurement.
  • In case of shopping the concerned village panchayat will seek quotations from at least 3 agencies.
  • In case of Force Account the village panchayat will purchase the construction material under the guidance of Market Field Engineer (MFE) and will get the work done by engaging skilled and semi-skilled labours.
  • The bids/quotations will be evaluated and finalized by the Rural Haat community procurement committee consisting of Sarpanch of the Village Panchayat (Chairperson), DDR or his representative - Member, two members from  Haat Management Committee – Members, Representative of concerned SP - Member and Village Development Officer (VDO) Panchayat -  Member Secretary.
  • Under the local bidding process, the Village Panchayat will give advertisement of works to