Modernizing Rural Haats

  • resident engineer at site for day to-day technical supervision of execution of work.
  • The Market Field Engineer (MFE) of the PIU, MASMB will visit the site at least once a week and overlap the visit with execution of critical construction works like layout demarcation, foundation laying, casting the slab, etc.,
  • In case of any minor deviation or faults8 observed by the resident engineer or during the visit of MFE, it will be immediately brought to the notice of the contractor and rectified and noted in the site visit book and reported to the PIU-MSAMB
  • In case major deviations or faults9 are observed by MFE during the visit then he/she will immediately issue written instruction to the contractor and the resident engineer of SP to stop the work till further notice. Simultaneously, the MFE will report via phone and writing to the Nodal Officer of the PIU-MSAMB
  • In case the resident engineer of the SP observes major deviations or faults, then he/she will immediately issue written instruction to the contractor to stop the work and simultaneously, inform the SP Team Leader and MFE for further action.
  • The written instruction for stopping the work should include details of the observed deviations or faults, date of visit and if required, supported by photographs.
  • In case of major deviations or faults, the Nodal Officer PIU, MSAMB will send a report to PCU regarding the same.
 Process of major deviation or fault management:
  • Based on the received report, the Nodal Officer of PIU, MSAMB will call a meeting of Contractor, SP, Resident Engineer of SP, MFE, Civil Engineering Specialist (PIU-MSAMB) and Technical Officer – Civil from PCU.
  • The meeting will discuss the reported deviations and faults and provide written recommendations for further action.
  • Based on the decision and recommendations of the meetings, further actions may be initiated as per the terms and conditions of the contract.