Modernizing Wholesale Markets

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  1. Basic Infrastructure Facilities: Project grant – 25%,Viability Gap Fund – 0% to 25% balance 50% fund is to be mobilized by APMC from various resources (like equity, loan etc.)

  2. Productive Infrastructure facilities- project grant-25%, the balance 75% fund is to be mobilized by APMC by various resources (like equity, loan etc.)

For preparation of FPP a Service provider 12 (SP) will be engaged by MACP.
Each of the selected APMCs will be eligible to prepare and submit FPP. The costing of FPP will be as follows.

  1. Category 'A' markets- Up to maximum of Rs. 670.00 lakhs, for basic infrastructure     Rs. 80.00 lakh, for the productive infrastructure Rs. 430.00 lakhs and [cost of Electronic Auction Hall and e-trading for perishables] Rs. 160.00 lakhs.

  2. Category 'B' markets- Up to maximum of Rs. 320.00 lakhs. Rs. 80.00 lakhs for basic and Rs.240.00 lakhs for productive infrastructure

  3. Category 'C' markets- Up to maximum of Rs. 200.00 lakhs. Rs. 80.00 lakhs for  basic and Rs. 120.00 for lakhs productive infrastructure.

  1. Computerized auction system: The main objective of computerized auction system is to bring in complete transparency in the process of auctioning which will enable the farmers to fetch maximum price for the produce. The above facility is proposed in 20% of the APMCs taken up for modernization. The proposed model for computerized auction system will have two servers, 4 computers at gate and five kiosk with 2 computers each and 2 computers at APMCs office. The software for the auction process will have five features (i) gate entry, (ii) quote entry, (iii) price declaration, (iv) cess assessment and (v) farmer receipt. The total estimated cost for establishment of computerized auction system at one market is Rs. 31.00 lakhs, and, the maintenance cost support for one year for one market is Rs. 4.75 lakhs. An independent SP will be engaged for design, development, implementation and for training