Modernizing Wholesale Markets

  1. all the necessary information about accounting system prevalent in the APMCs and the standard formats for income expenditure statement, balance sheet and other accounts. The supplier of software in consultation with MSAMB will customize the software to meet the requirements of MSAMB to bring in standardised accounting system in APMC. The estimated cost of computers and hardware is Rs.55,000/- for 294 APMCs the estimated cost will be Rs. 161.70 Lakh. Similarly cost for developing of software is Rs. 23,000 per APMC which works out be Rs. 67.60 lakhs for 294 APMCs. Thus, for providing computer set and software to 294 APMCs, the total estimated cost works out to Rs. 229.30 Lakh which will be entirely funded from the project.

Engagement and role of SP-

  • The SP will be selected through a competitive procurement process by the Project Implementation Unit (PIU), MSAMB as procurement process agreed with the World Bank.

  • The selected SP will prepare the FPP with detailed estimated cost for financing from MACP.

  • Some of the main functions of the SP in addition to preparation of FPP will be preparation and submission of bid evaluation report, preparation of contract document and construction supervision 13.

Contents of FPP14

  • Design layout

  • Cost estimate

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Bid document

  • Feasibility report

 Preparation and processing of FPP

  • The SP will conduct a market study of the selected APMC prior to preparation of the FPP

  • The SP will prepare the FPP in consultation with the farmers, traders, commission agents and APMC functionaries (stakeholders input regarding identification of investments to be made in the market is most critical).

  • The prepared FPP will be submitted to the Management Committee (MC) of APMC.

  • The MC will review the proposal and if satisfied, will pass a resolution for forwarding the FPP to the PIU-MSAMB.

  • The FPP will be appraised by the PIU, MSAMB technical committee comprising of