Modernizing Wholesale Markets

  • Nodal Officer, Finance Specialist, Market Field Engineer (MFE) as member and Officer In Charge APMC as member secretary.

  • If the FPP is approved or rejected, then the Nodal Officer will inform the decision to the concerned APMC within 7 days.

  • If the FPP is approved, then the bidding process will commence. The Bidding method will be National Competitive Bidding (NCB) or Local Bidding as per World Bank Guidelines.

 Steps for NCB or Local Bidding and award of contract:

  • The advertisement for bidding will be invited by PIU, MSAMB

  • Bidding Documents will be made available at PIU, MSAMB, APMC and also on the web of the project.

  • The received bid documents will be opened in the presence of contractors/bidders and handed over to the SP for preparation of Bid Evaluation Report (BER).

  • The BER will be submitted to the Procurement Committee consisting of Managing Director MSAMB, Chairperson of the concerned APMC, Nodal Officer, Civil Engineering Specialist, Procurement Officer, Officer Incharge  

  • APMC, Accounts Officer and Technical Officer Civil as Member Secretary at the PIU MSAMB for further appraisal and decision.

  • For contracts above Rs.50 Lakhs, the BER will be send to the Procurement Committee (consisting of the Project Director, Chairperson of the concerned APMC, Chief Finance Controller, Procurement Specialist, Marketing Co-ordinator and Technical Officer (Civil) as Member Secretary for further appraisal and decision.

  • The decision taken on the bid will be informed to the concerned APMC by the Nodal Officer, Technical Officer Civil as Member Secretary of respective committees within 7 days of appraisal.

  • The Secretary (CEO of APMC) will issue and sign the contract with the Bid winner within 7 days from the receipt of the communication from the member secretary of Procurement Committee.

 Execution of work:

  • Within 15 days of award and signing of the contract, the contractor will start execution of work at the selected APMC yard.

  • The