Modernizing Wholesale Markets

  • in writing in the measurement book that he/she agrees with the rectifications and corrections).

  • The generated bills of quantity will be sent to the District Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies by the Chairperson, APMC with recommendation letter for release of payments.

  • The package sent to the DDR for payment would contain the recommendation letter from Chairperson - APMC, generated bills of quantity and photographs of works completed till date.

  • The Project Accountant in the DDR office will take the entry of the package and issue a receipt note with a number as recorded in the register.

  • The DDR with the support of the Project Accountant and Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) will prepare bill for drawing the payment from the treasury and from the beneficiary account.

  • The treasury payment and the beneficiary account payment will be via “account payee cheque” in the name of the contractor or through core banking to the contractors account. (Note: The MFE will give specimen signatures of contractor to office of the DDR for facilitating the withdrawal of payment from treasury through core banking.)

  • For all cheques or release of payment through core banking the Project Accountant will maintain a register for recording payments from the treasury and beneficiary account with dates and release of payments to the contractors with dates.

  • The aforementioned steps will be followed till the final payment is realized to the contractor as per the terms and conditions outlined in the contract.

 Completion of work:

  • The SP will prepare a completion report outlining the completion of work as per the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • This completion report will be sent to the PIU- MSAMB with a copy to PCU, DDR and APMC.

  • Similarly, the DDR will send a report describing payments and listing the records maintained by DDR to PIU- MSAMB with copy to PCU and APMC.

 Business Process