A 1.1 - Institutional Strengthening For Market-Led Technology Transfer

I. Selection Criteria:

1.   All ATMAs and Government Training Institutions of the line departments are considered for strengthening under the Project.

II. Activities to be financed:

2.   For improving market-led extension in Maharashtra, an assessment of ATMAs have indicated the  need  for strengthening  ATMAs  in terms of manpower,  physical  facilities  and  financial support; and promoting inter-departmental coordination at the state, district, taluka and village levels. The activities to be supported under this sub-component include:

  •     Strengthening of ATMAs
  •     Strengthening of Farm Information and Advisory Centers (FIACs)
  •     Strengthening  of  Inter-Departmental   Working  Group  (IDWG)  and  Inter-Departmental Coordination

Strengthening of ATMAs

3.   Contractual Services of Agricultural Marketing Expert: The focus of extension would shift from production  to  productivity,  quality  of  production,  marketing  and  increased  income  of  the farmers. This would be achieved by following good agricultural practices, cost effective and intelligent marketing of the farm produce.  Increased emphasis would be placed on post harvest management, value addition, traceability. This would create a number of agri-business opportunities  culminating  in formulation  of bankable  projects,  commercialization  / business plans. The Common Interest Groups / Farmers Interest Groups  (CIGs/FIGs) getting organized around a particular commodity for services would need to be guided, mentored and facilitated to capture emerging marketing and agri-business opportunities. The present structure of ATMA does not have expertise in this field. The marketing extension to be strengthened through this project  would  necessitate  having  the  services  of  one  agricultural  marketing  expert  in each ATMA. The marketing expert would be supported by an accountant and computer operator at the district level. This unit of three persons would function under the Project Director ATMA. The services of this unit would, however,  be available  to all line departments  (Agriculture, Animal  Husbandry  and  Agril.  Marketing)  of  ATMA.  This  functional  unit  of  marketing extension would also constantly liaise with ABPF at state level, so as to get