Annexure 17

Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project (IDA Cr. No……….)
Quarterly Interim Unaudited Financial Report  (Format -2)
Report For the Quarter ……... to …………
                                                                                                             Amount in lacs


   Components For the Quarter Year till date Project till date PAD Estimates for the entire project tenure
  Sources of Funds        
  Opening Bank Balance        
  Receipts during the period:        
  Budgetary Grants        
  Beneficiary Contribution        
  Assets less liabilities          
  Bank Interest        
  Total Sources of Funds (I)        
  Application of Funds        
  Component A - Intensification and Diversification of Market Led Protection        
A1(i) Institutional Strengthening for Market Led Technology Transfer        
A1(ii) Preparation and Implementation of Marketing Strategies        
A2 Agri-Business Promotion Facility        
A3 Marketing Information Services        
  Live Stock Support Services        
  Subtotal - Component A (IIA)        
  Component B - Improving Farmer Access to Markets        
B1 Promoting Alternative Markets        
B1.1 Product Aggregation and sale through producers associations:        
  Stage I Investments        
  Beneficiary Contribution        
  Budgetary  Grant        
  Stage II Investments        
  Beneficiary Contribution