Annexure- 22

Annexure- 22
Maharashtra Agricultural Competitiveness Project
Works Completion Certificate

Name of APMC/FCSC/RH---------------------------------------------
Dist. -------------------
Name of Contractor -----------------------------------Reg.No---------
Name Of Work ------------------Basic / Productive .Infrastructure.
Tender No. -------------Agreement No----------Agreement Date------
Tender Amount ------------------- Period of Completion --------------
Due date of completion ------------- Date of Completion -------------


It is certified that the (Name of Work)----------------was allotted to M/s.---------------------

For Amount Rs. ------------- to complete before due date ----------------and the M/s.--------------------------------------------------------------------------has been completed the work.  Total Amount of work Rs.--------------- and on date ---------------------------- as per terms & conditions of contract agreement  as stated above & duly measured & entered in the Measurement Book No.--------- Page No.------ date -------------- has been verified by me and found correct as per the terms & conditions of contract No.-------------
-sd-                                             -sd-                                                                         -sd-
(Name ------------------)                                   (Name ------------------)                   (Name ------------------)
Market Field Engineer         Technical Service Provider                 Chairman