C. 5 Monitoring and Evaluation

1. The project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) will contain the following distinct but interrelated aspects:

i)   The Implementing Departments / Implementing Agencies will regularly monitor and report on the Project’s physical and financial inputs and outputs.

ii) The M&E consultant will concurrently monitor and evaluate project processes, approaches, institutions and quantify short term outputs and outcomes.  The M&E agency will also carry out the baseline survey and the evaluations of the project’s outcomes and impacts at mid-term and prior to project completion.

2.  The  Project  M&E  mechanisms  will  emphasize  stakeholder  participation,  and,  will  be designed  to  facilitate  rapid  identification  of  shortcomings  and  problem  areas,  and, facilitate the mid-term corrections, where necessary, to project design and / or implementation   arrangements   to  enhance  the  prospect  of  the  project   meeting   its development objectives.

3. M&E Reviews: There will be two major reviews to be carried out jointly by GoM and the Bank.  The first major review would be at the time of the 2nd Mid Term Review (MTR) of the Project, and, the second major review around the time of the Project completion.  The first review would include an impact assessment of the project to date, but will also focus on  procedures;  implementation  processes  and  recommend  adjustments  in  the  project design and / or implementation  arrangements  to overcome identified bottlenecks.   The second  major  impact  evaluation  review  would  be  a  comprehensive  overall  impact assessment including quantitative and qualitative assessment of progress against project development objectives.   To enable comparative assessment of a with / without project situation (as opposed to the more standard before / after project situation), the impact assessments  and analysis will also collect and use statistically robust comparable  data from control (non-project) areas.

4. Project Co-ordination Unit (PCU) and Project Co-ordination Units (PCUs): There are three line departments involved in the Project (the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Animal Husbandry, and the Department