Chapter V – Environmental and Social Issues and Mitigation Measure

A number of issues and concerns emerge from the discussions in the previous chapter both on environmental and social aspects. It is important for the project to list the issues and discuss the mitigation measures for these aspects. The project needs to plan this into the design process. This chapter describes the issues and proposed measures for mitigation of adverse impacts.
Overall assessment                                                                                                               
The overall assessment of the MACP intervention proposals in Maharashtra in terms of environmental and social impacts is positive. The assessment shows that while there is very low risk of negative environmental impact, potential for social impact is high both for positive as well as possible negative impacts. Legal and policy environment in the state favours the project – for example, adoption of model APMC Act and thriving agribusiness scenario of the state. The strengths of and challenges faced by the project are briefly presented below.

But there are a number of issues that need to be highlighted and addressed. The project is at a preliminary level and detailed plans for project execution are yet to be finalised. Stakeholder consultation in project planning and awareness on project provisions is low at present and needs improvement. Monitoring and evaluation systems and plans are yet to emerge and these need to incorporate findings from IESA. Adequate provision for waste management practices needs to be planned in project planning. The current waste management practice adopted in different project sites and agri-marketing activities in general is poor.

Specific issues and measures
Issues and measures are discussed separately for the social and environmental aspects and are presented in two sections below. The first section lists the general issues across all components – many of these deals with preparation and implementation phase. The second section lists social and environmental issues specific to each component, mostly related to operational aspects