Chapter VI – Environmental and Social Management Framework

The ESMF is a road map to be adopted by MSAMB and its project management unit (PMU) for incorporation of environmental and social safeguards into the main project planning, execution and operation. It lays down a step-by-step methodology for activities that have to be undertaken.
ESMF has been developed to incorporate environmental and social safeguards into the main project planning, execution and operation. It will be applied to all the sub-projects under MACP in different stages of the sub-project cycle. The ESMF also incorporates key issues pertaining to Pest, soil and nutrient management, gender equity, tribal development, capability building and institutional arrangement. The framework also includes screening process of sub projects and monitoring measures. The framework has been developed considering three broad stages of project cycle. They are:

  1. Preparation – This relates to the planning and designing of subprojects. Key project activities in this stage are:
    1. Surveys and Database
    2. Consultation with Stakeholders
    3. Preparation of Sub Project Plan
    4. Submission of Sub Plan to Environment and Social Cell
  2. Implementation – The second stage refers to actual implementation of the project plan and construction design developed in stage one. Key activities in this stage are:
    1. Award of contracts
    2. Work Execution and Supervision
    3. Quality Control
  3. Operation – This stage refers to actual operation of all the project components . Key activities in this stage are:
    1. Strengthening Producer company and inclusion of disadvantaged sections
    2. Solid Waste disposal and maintaining hygiene of the area:
    3. Monitoring and Evaluation

The ESMF activities and expected outcome in the different stages of sub-project have been proposed in the Table given below. These activities describe the broad summary of ESMF in the above stated three stages. A more detailed matrix has been prepared, covering the issues and mitigation measures and defining responsibilities for the actions to be taken and this is provided later sections in this chapter. 

Stages ESMF Activities Outcome