Farmer Common Service Centers (FCSC)

 FCSCs are conceived as small scale commercially viable entities owned by Producer Associations (PAs) formed by the Producer Groups (PGs) of the farmers; in order to address these issues and to provide village level basic infrastructure for post harvest handling like cleaning and grading of food grains and cleaning, grading, packing of fruits and vegetables in more hygienic conditions. FCSCs will be established by the project for attaining economies of scales through aggregation of products for accessing wider markets. The FCSCs will be established and managed by Producer Associations (PAs) mobilized by the project. PAs comprising of farmers/producers will be formed by the project through the support from Service Providers (SPs) hired under the project. There will be two types of FCSCs that the project will support (i) FCSC (Food grain); and (ii) FCSC (Fruits and Vegetables)
 Objectives of FCSCs are to supply inputs to farmers, take up value addition activities to agri produce and to engage in group marketing by establishing linkages with direct marketer’s, exporters, processors and retail chain operators. This will help to improve productivity & production and enable farmer to get better price for the produce.
 The number of FCSCs proposed to be formed would be as follows: (i) FCSC (Food grain) - 200 FCSCs (Food grain) for cereals / food grains for providing cleaning, grading, and packing facilities. These FCSCs will be linked to the MSWC and APMC godowns identified for providing Warehouse Receipt Financing and Electronic Trading Services. (ii) FCSC (Fruits and Vegetables) - 200 FCSCs for fruits and vegetable for providing cleaning, grading, and packing services to fruits and vegetable farmers. 
Selection Criteria:
The selection criteria for location of FCSCs are as follows:

Selection Parameter FCSC Grain FCSC F&V
Availability of land Minimum 0.25 acre land required. Minimum 0.25 acre land required.
Situational Focus Preferably in the catchment areas of the 40 MSWC