I. (ii) Project Development Objectives

1.   The Project Development Objective (PDO) and overall objectives of MACP are outlined below. The Project proposes to improve  the productivity  and quality of produce  in agriculture  and allied sector by various interventions proposed under Component A . The objective of better and reasonable  returns to the farmer of his produce can be achieved  if the farmer access to the markets is improved. This has been proposed to be achieved by infrastructure development and creating alternative marketing channels under Component B. For management of Components A & B of the Project, Component C, i.e. Project Management is proposed.

2. Project Development Objective (PDO) is stated as “To increase productivity, profitability and market  access  of the  farming  community  in Maharashtra.”    The  proposed  MACP  aims  to achieve the following:

i)   Build on the reformed  extension  system based on Agricultural  Technology Management Agency (ATMA) concept through training, capacity building and knowledge transfer to the farmers with emphasis on market-led extension.

ii)  Contribute in increasing productivity, and quality of production, diversification of enterprise and income of farmers,  thereby improving  opportunities  for employment  and livelihood support, both in farm and in the non farm rural economy.

iii) Aim to increase private sector investment  in agriculture  and allied sectors, and, promote more effective use of the government funds already being allocated to the line departments for extension and adaptive research.

iv) Improve  competitiveness  of  farmers,  to  capture  increased  income  generating  potential associated with a shift in the demand towards high value agriculture and higher quality of produce to meet greater urban demand.

v)  Enable farmers to respond positively to the changes in emerging markets with the support for   improved   product   quality,   product   standards   and   realization   of  value   addition opportunities.

vi) Assist  the  State  Government  to  address  the  critical  issues  of  linking  farmers  more effectively  to  the  markets  and  to  foster  the  development  of  efficient  and  competitive marketing systems.