Modernizing Wholesale Markets

Modernizing Wholesale Markets will include modernisation and improvement of selected Agricultural Produce Market committees (APMCs) yards. Under MACP Category, ‘A’ markets 11 (2 Nos.), Category ‘B’ markets (24 Nos.)  and Category ‘C’ markets (74 Nos.)  that is total 100 markets will be selected. The selection of markets will be based on (a) average annual agri-produce arrival more than 30000 MT per year (b) average annual cess more than Rs.20.00 lakhs per year (c) average positive growth in annual arrival in the APMC.
Activities to be supported (Indicative):
For modernization and improvement of APMCs, the APMCs will be required to undertake reforms in their functioning. These reforms are reflected in the model byelaws prepared by the Director of Marketing which have been issued to all the APMCs. The APMCs will adopt the byelaws and seek  the approval from the DDRCS /ARCS. The reforms will bring in more transperancy in the functioning of APMCs.
MACP will primarily support the following two types of infrastructural activities:

a. Basic Infrastructure: (Illustrative List)

-  Modern Auction Platform with Shed.
-  Platform with shed for direct marketing of farmer produce to consumer.
-  Platform with shed for direct supply of bulk consumer & organized retailer.
-  Drinking water facility.
-  Toilet Block.
-  Compound (UCR masonry 2 feet high with barded wire fencing)
-  Internal Roads.
-  Watchman Cabin.
-  Street Light.

b.Productive Infrastructure (Illustrative List)

-   Electronic Auction Hall
-   Pack House for Fruits & Vegetables.
-   Food grain & Pulses Cleaning Unit.
-  Solid Waste Management Unit/ Vermi Compost Unit
-  Cold Storage
-  Godown
-  Electronic Weighbridge with required civil work.
Financing of activities:

  • For financing of the indicative activities listed above a Full Project Proposal (FFP) for each of the APMC will be required.

  • Financial arrangement for the implementation of activities approved under basic & Productive infrastructure in FPP is as