Upgrading Live Stock Support Services

Financing of activities-
  • The cost of training of each LLW for 7 days of Rs. 1500/- will be provided in the project. Thus, for training 2500 LLWs (@ Rs.1500/- per LLW) the cost of Rs.37.50 lakhs will be provided in MACP.
  • Each LLW will be provided a vaccination kit. The cost of 2500 vaccination kits   (@ Rs. 2500/- per kit) of Rs. 62.50 lakhs will be provided in MACP.
  • Thus, financial assistance of Rs. 100.00 lakhs (Rs. 37.50+ Rs.62.50 lakhs) will be provided in MACP.
 Process of implementation:-
  • The extension officers in AHD department in association with the Gramsabha will identifying LLW in 2500 selected villages or clusters.
  • Each cluster will cover 5 villages.
  • The selected LLWs will be trained at Krishi Vidyan Kendras by the ATMA.
  • After the completion of training, the LLWs will be provided with the vaccination kits.
  • The vaccination kits will be purchased by the PIU-AHD and provided to the LLWs. The cost of kits will be borne from the MACP as grant.
  • The LLWs will assist the AHD in the implementation of all the extension support services.
  • The LLWs will earn modest income as service fee for the services that they provide.
  • The LLWs will function for the project period i.e. 6 years.
 b) Support to SR farmer: Organised Marketing of SR:-
  • AHD with the help of NGO /company/ any other entity as SP will carry intensive mobilization for CIGs/PAs of SR farmers in four districts- Ahmednagar, Sangli, Satara and Pune.
  • One CIG of SR farmers will be formed in one village.
  • Each CIG will have 15 SR farmers to form a total of 600 CIGs in four districts.
  • SP will also help to improve the breeding and husbandry practices in SR flocks through skill/ technology/ training/ capacity building.
  • SP will be responsible for linking the CIGs to the market yard and bulk marketing of