Upgrading Live Stock Support Services

  • SRs through promotions, internetworking and electronic media. Thus a total of 9000 SR farmers under this project will be covered.
 B) Activities to be supported:-
  • SR farmers from the districts of Ahmednagar, Pune, Sangli and Satara will be identified for CIG formation.
  • The selecetd SR farmers will be trained on good husbandry practices.
  • These selected SR farmers will be provided with three bucks for one CIG (One village).
 Financing of activities:-
  • A total of 11,250 SR farmers compromising of 450 batches (each batch of 25 SR farmers) will be trained by the AHD department.
  • Training cost of Rs. 58.50 lakhs @ Rs.13,000/- per batch for 450 batches will be 100% grant under MACP.
  • For every CIG, three bucks will be provided under MACP, 600 CIGs will be formed.
  • A total of 1800 bucks will be provided to 600 CIGs. Total cost of 1800 bucks is Rs. 72.00 lakhs (Rs. 4000/- per buck).
  • Out of the total cost of Rs. 72.00 for purchase of the bucks, 50% of the cost i.e. Rs. 36.00 lakhs will be given as grant under MACP. The balance amount of Rs.36.00 lakhs will be borne by the beneficiary SR farmers.
 Engagement and Role of SP:-
  • The PIU-AHD will select a SP on a competitive bidding for the formation of CIGs of SR farmers.
  • The selected SP with the assistance of personnel from the AHD and in consultation with the Gramsabha will identify the SR farmers to be considered for support under MACP. The SP will provide training to SR farmers.
 Contents of Training:-
  • Good husbandry practices
  • Selection and management of bucks and breeding does.
  • First aid, health care/ disease prevention
  • Cultivation of high yielding fodder crops.
  • Organized marketing of livestock animals for breeding/ meat purpose.
 Process of Implementation:-
  • The identified SR farmers will be trained in the areas of good husbandry practices, first