Upgrading Live Stock Support Services

  • will identify 250 SR farmers each from Yeotmal and Beed districts for promoting the concept of Goat as a high value enterprise in demonstration cum production units.
  • The selected SR farmers will be trained by the SP at the KVKs for a period of 7 days in a batch comprising of 25 SR farmers.
  • Subsequent to the training, the SR farmers will purchase the bucks and rotary chaff cutter as per Community Procurement which will be certified by the personnel of the AHD.
  • The financial assistance will be made available by the PIU-AHD to the concerned SR farmer from the project grants under MACP.
  • The SR farmer will undertake the production and raising of goats in the demonstration units. The SR farmer will also undertake cultivation of fodder crop for the raising of goats on the demonstration unit.
  • Upon the successful functioning of these demonstration units, field trips of farmers from the adjoining districts will be organized by PIU-AHD.
 Business Process:-
Key Business Processes Accountable Unit Agreed Standard
Hiring of SP PIU-AHD Immediately of action of the project
Identification of SR farmers SP, AHD with Gramsabha 3 months from hiring of SP
Training of SR farmers SP 3 months from the date of contract with SP.(Training of 7 days duration)
Place of Training KVK ---
Purchase of Buck SR farmer 1 month from training of farmers
Purchase of Rotary chaff cutter SR farmer 1 month from training of farmers
Payment of Training PIU-AHD and ATMA 7 days from end of training
Payment of Bucks PIU-AHD 7 days from purchase of bucks
Exposure unit PIU-AHD and ATMA ---
d) Study on meat trade in Pune:-
Meat trade through out the State is devoid of basic cleanliness and hygiene. Meat in general is not handled as a human food item. A study is proposed in the project to identify the issues