Upgrading Live Stock Support Services

involved in meat transport and the possibility of setting up a modern slaughter house for small ruminants.
Financing activities:-
  • The cost of the study to be undertaken by a consultant will be 100% financed under MACP as project grant.
  • Cost of Rs.15.00 lakhs is provided for the study under MACP.
 Engagement of consultant and its role:-
  • PIU-AHD with the help of ABPF will hire a consultant on a competitive bidding process as procurement process as agreed with the World Bank.
  • The selected consultant will conduct the study under the overall technical oversight of ABPF.
 Contents of the study:-
  • Situation Analysis of the meat market in the Pune City: Volume, Infrastructure, supply chain, and retail trade
  • Situation Analysis of the existing slaughter facilities / practices, meat transport and handling, meat trade / meat retailing, hygiene and quality control
  • Need for modernization of slaughter facilities including the establishment of a new slaughter facility for small ruminants,
  • Regulatory frame work for assuring quality, quality control, hygiene and public health safeguards.
  • Modernization of meat handling, transport, meat retailing and retail outlets
  • Design and plan for SR Slaughter House with Equipments.
  • Investment Dimensions and Techno-economic Analysis.
 e) Marketing Intelligence & Development Cell in AHD:-
Gathering information and intelligence on livestock products is extremely essential for enhancing livestock productivity. To facilitate grater trade, it has been proposed to establish Marketing Intelligence & Development Cell in the office of commissioner AHD.

Financing activities :-

  • Performing of activities like collection of daily/ weekly prices of livestock and livestock products and dissemination of this information in entire State; for building capacity of staff by training and exposure visits in association with ATMA.
  • Cost of Rs.500.00 lakhs is provided for such a cell in AHD.
  • This cell will have experts viz., Agri. Economist, IT expert, Marketing expert and training organizer, besides some officers from the department. The experts