Upgrading Live Stock Support Services

  • will be taken on contract by following World Bank procedure.
 Function of the cell:-
  • Main functions of the cell are:-
  • Gather marketing information and its dissemination. SMS service of AHD through this cell.
  • Ensure proper health care of animals in livestock markets.
  • Develop thorough understanding of economics of livestock sector and designing suitable policies for improving performance.
  • Identify credit availability for cold storage, grading facilities.
  • Identify key problems faced by entrepreneurs in the field of poultry, meat industry and liaise them with ABDF.
  • Provide training to staff.
 Engagement of consultant and its role:-
  • PIU-AHD will hire a consultant on a competitive bidding process as per procurement process agreed with the Word Bank.
  • The selected consultant will structure and establish such a cell in AHD.
  • The consultant will assist the AHD for the recruitment of experts in the market intelligence cell.
 Process of Implementation:-
  • The hired consultant will structure and establish a market intelligence cell in the AHD 1. This will be done in first year of the project and the cell shall function for the remaining five years of the project.
  • The experts that will be housed in the cell will be taken on contract by PIU-AHD.
  • The contractual personnel in the cell will be for a period of six year.
  • The cell will offer specialized advice to the new entrepreneurs exploring business opportunities in the livestock sector.
  •  The facility will be made available by the cell on payment of certain charges.
  • The departmental officers will acquire the competence to contribute to the working of the cell.
  • After the project period, departmental officers will continue to work on the cell and continue to provide the services against the charges to be recovered.